'Facilitating Cross-Border Trade to Foster Economic Growth in Botswana'


This website has been specifically developed to assist all importers and exporters (traders) wishing to move goods or merchandise across the borders of Botswana.

In the following pages, traders will find all the available information required to either import into Botswana or alternatively export from Botswana.

By clicking on the various links on this website, all the necessary information regarding the processes and documents required by the various Botswana Government agencies to trade across the borders will be displayed. 

In conjunction, all the regulatory requirements pertinent to the various commodities/industrial/mining and manufacturing sectors as decreed by the various Ministries are also available at the click of the mouse; as well as the relevant laws, Acts and other useful information.

It is recommended that, if you are in the business of international trading either within or outside Botswana or for that matter anyone who is travelling to/from Botswana, you register as a Member which will entitle you to additional services such as subscriptions to newsletters, tariff alerts, etc. and any new information that is likely to affect your business or alternatively your travels. 

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Latest Announcements

License For Slaughter and Export of Donkeys and Their Products (Meat and Hides) Suspended

The Public and Abattoir operators are informed that the slaughter of donkeys is suspended with immediate effect until further notice. ...Read

Export Licenses For Donkeys and their Products (Meat & Hides) Suspended

The Ministry of Agriculture Development and Food Security has noted with concern the indiscriminate and cruel slaughter of donkeys for their hides which are exported to lucrative markets in Asia. In this Regard, issuance of all export licenses relating to donkeys and their products (meat & hides) for export purposes is suspended indefinitly with immediate effect....Read

Out-Break of Avian Influenza in Zimbabwe

The public is informed that an outbreak of Avian INFLUENZA has been reported in Zimbabwe. As a result the import of domesticated and wild birds, their products (meat, eggs, feathers etc) and poultry feeds from Zimbabwe is banned with immediate effect. ...Read

Latest News


Heavy rains and water logging at the site for package 2 of the Kazungula bridge project has caused delays in construction. This was highlighted by the district officer (development) Mr Mpho Leboane when briefing full council....Read

Zambia and Botswana sign OSBP Contract
Zambia and Botswana sign OSBP Contract

Zambia and Botswana have signed a contract with Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Company Limited of China (AFECC) for the construction of One Stop Border Post (OSBP) facilities at Kazungula Border on the Zambian side at a cost of more than K263 million....Read

BOBS trains importers
BOBS trains importers

Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) will on Thursday 11th August 2016 conduct a workshop for traders where information regarding the Standards (Import Inspection) Regulations will be discussed. The workshop will be held at BOBS offices starting 0830hrs and all importers are invited to attend. ...Read

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