Commonly Used Terms


AGOA – African Growth and Opportunity Act

BDC – Botswana Development Corporation

BITC – Botswana Investment and Trade Centre

BIH – Botswana Innovation Hub

BoB – Bank of Botswana

BOBS – Botswana Bureau of Standards

BOCRA – Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority

BURS – Botswana Unified Revenue Services

CIU – Collective Investment Undertakings

EU – European Union

GoB – Government of Botswana

ICT – Information and Communications Technology

IFSC – International Financial Services Centre

IEPA – Interim Economic Partnership Agreement

MFDP  Ministry of Finance and Development Planning

MDJS – Ministry of defiance Justice and Security

MEWT  Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism

MIST  Ministry of Infrastructure Science and Technology

MLHA  Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs

MMEWR – Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources

MOA – Ministry of Agriculture

MOH  Ministry of Health

MTC  Ministry of Transport and Communications

MTI – Ministry of Trade and Industry

MYSC  Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture

NDB – National Development Bank

OP – Office of the President

SACU – Southern African Customs Union

SADC – Southern Africa Development Community

SATH – Southern African Trade Hub

VAT – Value Added Tax


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