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The following pages will provide the trader or customer with information that is not completely focused on customs/legal requirements with regard to moving goods across the borders of Botswana; yet without complying with these requirements, the movement of international traffic would be problematic:

  1. Road Transport Permits (RTPs) – All locally registered commercial vehicles and ALL foreign registered vehicles require RTPs in one form or other to operate into and across Botswana. This document details the different types of permit and the related charges.
  1. Import Permits as related to in the Control of Goods, Prices and Other Charges Chapter 43.08 (Import Licence Regulations) – This Act which originally passed into law in 1973 has had various amendments to it over the years. However, it is in the process of being reviewed and replaced and as a result of this, there are many import permit requirements stipulated in this Act which are no longer valid, enforced or applied by the Ministry of Investment Trade and Industry Botswana . If unsure as to whether your import requires an import licence, please contact the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry Botswana, phone number: +267 3601200.
  1. Individual Visa Requirements – Foreign Nationals from certain countries wishing to travel to Botswana and through Botswana (in transit) must obtain a visa prior to commencing their journey. This will impact trading across the borders of Botswana, particularly for the road-freight industry where drivers from certain countries (e.g. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC) will be required to apply for visa/s from the relevant Botswana authorities PRIOR to beginning their journey or trip.

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